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Свадьба в славянском стиле
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Here met three members of Funny and Inventive Club (KVN) and something began!!! It’s wedding celebration. The hosts of our evening, Alexander Revva (Burnt by the Sun) and Yaroslav Melekhin (AstanaKZ), Alladin Group Event Agency General Director Khairulla Saydullayev (Aces in the Sky and the Highest Grade KVN teams)

Luxurious wedding in the Slavic style specially for the beautiful loving couple Ivan and Christening. Well, how can Russian wedding be without Gypsies! Krestina personally asked us to arrange a meeting of the bridegroom with real Gypsies. Surprise was successful, the bridegroom is satisfied!

ukrashenie-zala-09.jpg ukrashenie-zala-05.jpg

The guys entrusted us with the choice of the venue for the gala evening, and we offered them several options, eventually they chose the Ritz Carlton Hotel. 

The evening was full of surprises! During an aperitif, the waiters unexpectedly decided to arrange a flash mob for guests. 

When creating the script by our creative team, the emphasis was on keeping the attention of the guests throughout the evening. This is how the next performance came out, created for the first time especially for Ivan and Krestina. A flash mob with guests is a parody of the Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession movie.

Invited stars of Kazakhstan and Russian pop. The head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, a parodist actor Dmitry Grachev, also visited our evening.

For the first time in Kazakhstan the evening was opened by the real Moscow Cossack Choir. The guys were great, they managed to sing and dance using Cossack sabers. As many guests admitted, the choir really impressed everyone!

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