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The fabulous project On The Wings Of Love from the Alladin Decor creative team. More than 30 000 colors, a huge number of decorations made of glass, acrylic and crystal. More than 100 square meters of LED screens are placed along the perimeter of the hall, which throughout the day immerse all the guests in the arms of three elements - water, fire and air! Sleepless days and nights, and finally this day has come. An unforgettable day in the life of young people Timur and Ayazhan!

оформление свадьбы

The ideal solution of the Registration Zone, specially created for the On The Wings Of Love project for our happy young people!

На крыльях любви

Проект На крыльях любви
На крыльях любви - свадьба

свадебный проект На крыльях любви

свадебный проект

свадебный проект - декор

свадебный декор На крыльях любви

свадебный декор зала

oformlenie-zala-98.jpg oformlenie-zala-99.jpg

oformlenie-zala-97.jpg oformlenie-zala-96.jpg

свадьба оформление


Professional presenters of the On the Wings of Love project Maya Verona and Nurlan Alban! Wonderful tandem, bright, clear, professional!

свадебное оформление

We would also like to express gratitude to our parents for allowing us to realize all our ideas and fantasies, and to keep this beauty in the memory of all the guests and the main heroes of the occasion for many, many years!



Organizer is   «Alladin Event»
Desing is «Alladin Decor»
Video filming is  «Alladin Records studio»
Photographer is Maxim Zolotukhin
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