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Are you interested in organizing a wedding in California? Looking for a wedding agency in Los Angeles? Do you want the most important event in your life to be held at a high level and remember with its atmosphere for many years?

You need a team of professionals, who are our wedding planners. To organize such an event independently and to foresee all the details is quite difficult. And the time spent on the arrangement of the event you can spend with much greater benefit. For example, it is good to have a rest in order to look cheerful and full of energy at the celebration, because there is still a honeymoon and family life ahead!

the reason to order organization of an event at our agency
Our wedding agency will free you from unnecessary troubles.

The main advantages of our agency are experience and the availability of everything necessary for the implementation of a full agency package. We do not use templates in our work; we compose only individual programs and exclusive scenarios. We work with a broad base of artists (musical groups, DJs), whose performance is an integral part of the event.

All we need from you is to approve the idea and details of the event. If necessary, you can always make changes to the organization of the wedding.

the planning of the wedding celebration
Organization of the event begins with the planning of the event itself. You need to know the approximate budget in order to do it. Based on the budget, you can allocate the cost of a banquet, entertainment, scenery, presenters, photographers and video taking.

Our wedding agency deals with the implementation of each item from the list. It is possible both to organize a phased celebration with registration at the registry office with a photo and video session during the day and an evening banquet, as well as to conduct an on-site ceremony.

Sufficient experience of the wedding agency in holding events allows developers in a short time decide on the style of the wedding. Designers and florists are at your service to contribute to the creation of a warm romantic atmosphere. Beads and fresh flowers can be used for decorations.

Our photo and video masters will take care to make your photo shoot and wedding film interesting not only for you, but also for your children and grandchildren. Transportation is also included into the competence of the wedding planners.

Prices for services depend on the costs that you are willing to incur. We will help you make the best plan for any wallet. We will take care that nothing, including material resources, will affect the quality and general atmosphere of such an important event, and the guests will be satisfied. Examples of our work are on the website. You can contact us for booking and ordering services.

We invite you for successful cooperation!