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Alisha in Wonderland

Алиша в стране чудес
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This project was special for our team. About 2 years ago we were given the honor to take video of Kaisar and Dina love story, so we twice were pleased when the guys again asked for our services, but already as organizers of little Alisha birthday.

For the beginning I would like to remember how it all began!


The guys are currently living in Astana, so we gladly accepted their desire to make a family film in Astana.

Children's holiday had a success. The design of the evening was carefully thought out in the style of Alice in Wonderland


Of course, there was a magic at the event. Magicians and wizards did not cease to amaze our guests.

The host of our evening, Yaroslav Melekhin, lit the hall with his energy and held a celebration in one breath without letting anyone get bored.

The culmination of the evening was a birthday cake! 

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